Microsoft Xbox360 Slim Revealed, USD299!

Microsoft unveiled a smaller version of the Xbox360 in this year’s E3. The new Xbox360 will be replacing the existing model and is available NOW! There a few upgrades for the slim model. The hard drive is larger now (250GB) and the long awaited built-in Wi-fi is finally here! (Wireless-N) Some of the components are updated as well. The new Xbox will consume less power and cooler. This should reduce the number of RROD cases.

The price of the Xbox360 Slim is USD299, and the price of the older model will be slashed. As mentioned earlier, it is available now. You can pre-order it through Play-Asia, or buy it directly from Amazon.

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Microsoft Kinect aka Natal Revealed!

Microsoft finally revealed the release date of Kinect, previously known as Project Natal. The Kinect will be available on 4th of November 2010. Currently there is no pricing for it, but it is rumored to be USD149. You can pre-order it now at Amazon or Play-Asia.

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Nintendo 3DS Officially Announced!

Nintendo 3DS Red

Back in March, Nintendo released a press release stating that they’ll unveil the successor of Nintendo DS in E3. And now it is officially revealed! Now we finally know the spec of the 3DS. 😀 First, the top screen will be larger and will be 3D-capable. The 3D effects can be viewed without wearing any special glasses. Good for portable 3D-gaming. But the touch screen is not a 3D screen. There is also a “Slide Pad”, which is similar to the analog stick for the PSP. The 3DS also have a 3D camera, which allow you to take 3D photo! The 3D-“ness” or depth can be controlled by a 3D Depth Slider. Currently no pricing and release date. But according to Nintendo, it should be released before the end of their fiscal year, which mean it should be released before 31 March 2011. I guess that the price should be less USD300, but this is not confirmed yet. Hope we’ll get more details by year end. Detailed spec after the jump.

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Portal is FREE till 24th May 2010!

If you are planning to get Portal the game, it is time now! Portal is now available for FREE! But this offer will end on 24th May 2010… so, better hurry before it ends! You can get it right here.

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Facebook Like Button Added!

Facebook Like Button

Facebook Like Button

I just added a new feature in the site, which is the Facebook Like button! If you like any article/post that I posted here, feel free to “like” it so that you can share it with your friends! Happy sharing! 🙂

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