How to Enable POP3 in Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail and POP3POP3 is a common protocol that use by desktop email client to retrieve emails from your mail server. Most web-based email service don’t provide access to POP3. But it is changing. Major email provider such as GMail and Hotmail are providing POP3 to their user, except for Yahoo! Mail. POP3 is a premium service that require subscription for Yahoo Mail user. But, for some reason Asia user can use it for free! This option is not enable by default and you need to change some settings to enable POP3 in your Yahoo! Mail. Follow the guide below to enable POP3 access for your account:

*An updated guide is now available here!*

* Click on the image for larger screen shot.

Step 1: Login into your web Yahoo! Mail. Click on your Display Name and select ‘Edit My Account

Click on username and select 'Edit My Account'Step 2: You will see your account settings page. In the Member Information section, check the current settings for Preferred Content. If it is Yahoo! Asia, please skip to step 7. Else, click ‘Edit‘ on the Member Information section here.

Click Edit on the Member Information sectionStep 3: In the Member Details page, click on the current Preferred Content option. (ie: Yahoo! US)

Click on Preferred ContentStep 4: Change your current preferred content settings to Yahoo! Asia and click ‘Finished‘.

Select Yahoo! Asia as your preferred content.Step 5: Go through the TOS and click ‘I Accept‘. (If you decline the TOS, you cannot proceed further)

Read the TOS and click I acceptStep 6: Your preferred should be ‘Yahoo! Asia‘ now. Click the ‘Finished‘ button on the top right to save the settings.

Review settings and click 'Finished'Step 7: In your main mail box page, click on Options and select Mail Options.

Click on Options and select Mail OptionsStep 8: Click on POP & Forwarding. Click the ‘Set up or edit ‘POP & Forwarding‘ link.

Click POP & Forwarding and click 'Set up or edit POP & Forwarding'Step 9: Select the Web & POP Access options. Change the other settings if necessary. Click Save.

And you are done! The settings for the POP3 and SMTP:

Incoming Mail Server (POP3): (Use SSL, port: 995)
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): (Use SSL, port: 465, use authentication)
Account Name/Username: <Your Yahoo! Mail address>
Email address: <Your Yahoo! Mail address>
Password: <Your Yahoo! Mail password>

I will post a guide later on how to setup Yahoo! Mail in your Outlook 2007. 🙂

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83 Responses to How to Enable POP3 in Yahoo! Mail

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  2. jojoba says:

    Thanks. It works for me

  3. Kaott says:

    For some reason, after I changed to Yahoo mail asia, i don’t have the option “POP and Forwarding” between “Account” and “Vacation Response”. What went wrong?

    • HMMaster says:

      Weird… is the Yahoo logo showing any Asian country? ie: Malaysia?

      Try signing out and in again. Then double check the settings.

  4. evogue says:

    can’t see the ‘POP & Forwarding’ in mail option. sad…what can i do next?

  5. evogue says:

    haha…i knew already..change the yahoo to “yahoo classic”! the will see the “pop & forwarding”..i got it!

  6. Kaott says:

    Thx for the answers. I read on the internet after some research, that the whole thing with changing to Yahoo Asia doesn’t work with “newer” Yahoo accounts (mine is from August ’08). Eventually I made myself a new Email-address with, because I’m from Germany anyway. There, POP is free. It works 🙂

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  8. Dee says:

    Can I send out e-mails if’s I’m using Windows Live Mail? I am using Yahoo! Asia. I tried synching using the standard POP settings. I managed to download my mails in Windows Live Mail but can’t send out e-mails from there.

  9. sanjeev says:

    thanks buddy it works

  10. Monitor_R says:


    It seams that this solution is not applicable for accounts created after 12.Sep.2009.
    I am trying to enable the POP3 option for an email account created on the 14.Sep.2009 and after selecting the Proffered Content to Yahoo Asia and clicking the Finish button, the TOS screen does not appear but the contend is changed.
    In this case the POP3 option is still not available.

    Do you know a work arround in this case?


  11. atropine says:

    My account dates from 2000 and the solution worked as described. Many thanks!.

  12. dangvm says:

    thank you very much. It work very good on my computer with windows 7 and outlook 2010. I had tried with ypops but pop yahoo mail was not working.

  13. Cast says:

    Very good. Works 100% with Thunderbird and an account from the last century.

  14. Frank says:

    Wow. works perfect.
    its the best way there is.

  15. chandar says:


  16. carlye says:

    works for one of my yahoo accounts that was made around 2001 but My mail options does not have the option for pop foward on another yahoo account made from more recently. guess yahoo fixed it.

  17. Murthy says:

    Very useful help

  18. hellobogart says:

    i wonder why it did not work for me. followed the instructions above. Changed mine from US to Philippines. Changed also to classic mode. but still do not have the option for POP and forwarding. My account says Member Since: 06/22/2001. Any ideas

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  20. Ceasar says:

    I created my account around August 2008 and I can’t get the POP3 and forwarding option, I switched to classic mail but I still don’t get it…I have it on Yahoo Asia.

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  22. kamlesh savaliya says:

    was struggling like anything to set up yahoo mail in outlook 2007 but wasnt working finally by changing it to asia contents, issue been sorted in minute. thanks a lot !

  23. Ian James says:

    Looks like Yahoo has rumbled this one! The Yahoo webmail page layout has changed totally; and the Edit My Account option is no longer available.

  24. Maggie says:

    Ugghhhh. I’ve tried everything! Switches to Asia and when I try to set up the Mobile account it still gives me a error message of “Authentication failed. Please verify your username/password.”

  25. john says:

    my account is different to the one you show i do not have the option to edit my account instead it say account info what do i do please help as this is frustrating trying to work out

  26. Ravi k Lohat says:

    Thank you so… much it worked for me, thanx again

    R.K Lohat

  27. Huebert says:


  28. MOrda says:

    incredible. thanks a lot.
    Working from UAE with yahoo US on pc with IE 8 on Win7.
    you are ninja!

  29. Ankur Shahi says:

    The screen shots are no longer accurate however it helped. Thanks

  30. shashank says:

    I have been struggling like anything to set up yahoo mail in outlook 2007 but wasnt working finally by changing it to asia contents as described above, it works – great – Big thanks.
    1 Q – how to synchronise the folders – from Yahoo mail to Outlook 2007 – would appreciate your help as Sent items in Outlook is empty – not actually in Yahoo mail box! Other folders in Yahoo I cannot see in Outlook – do help – thanks in advance.

  31. Mehaboob says:

    hi there i m struggling to get this thing sorted please help me i m not able to find the pop forwarding tab even after following all the above steps please help me…:(

    • eva says:

      Same here Mehaboob. It doesn’t work for me. I changed the content to Asia and saved, but when I went to Mail Options, POP & FORWARDING still doesn’t appear. I don’t know why it worked for others. I know it’s clear that this is for “free” yahoo mail accounts, NOT Yahoo Mail Plus.

  32. Mazor says:

    Upgrade to Mail Plus so you can:
    download your Yahoo! Mail in an email client, such as Outlook
    forward your Yahoo! Mail to a different address

  33. Chris says:

    Works great with fetchmail! Wasn’t sure it would, but no problems so far.

  34. I did everything that was recommended and changed the server timeout.
    Very good post. Thanks!

  35. Hans says:

    hi khimhoe…thanks load..that’s fantastic n it works…g8..thanks

  36. Mary says:

    It worked! This is great… Note: I am using Yahoo classic, so the path to the settings was slightly different from what you described, but a bit of fumbling around the menus got me there eventually.

    Thank you for the clear descriptions and the guide on how to set up Yahoomail with Outlook 2007, that was very helpful too!

  37. Nuguan says:

    Thanks, now all my mail is in MS Outlook

  38. vinny vista says:

    tnx bro. i got it. and its working. tnx again

  39. kave kosheyar says:

    همه کارها رو کردم نشد که نشد

  40. LI says:

    I ve tries the above method but the pop and forwarding option is not available in the YAHOO mail ASIA. kindly suggest other method to do the same pls

    waiting for the reply

  41. Blablabla says:

    This should be updated. I cannot find the option to change to Yahoo! Asia.

  42. Adamu says:

    Tnx a lot. It works for me like magic.

  43. Owen says:

    Works like a charm…Thanks

  44. salie says:

    thanks much 🙂

  45. fogmoth says:

    Thanks – -works like a charm from New Zealand.

  46. ranjit singh says:

    After doing all this above mentioned process, i still get an error of please enter network password…
    what shall i do…from where shall i get the network password….
    please help…..

  47. Simon says:

    It work perfect ! Thank you ! you help a lot of people with this article.

    All the best !

  48. Simon says:

    enter your username and password for your yahoo account

  49. kulitski says:


  50. vannak says:

    Dear Guideman, I try to setup follow your guide, but i still can not using yahoo mail in outlook 2007. please help me on this.

    Best Regards

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