How to Assign Static IP in Technicolor TG784n v3 using DHCP

You can actually assign a static IP for your computer using DHCP. Most router will support this feature. But there are many terms for it. For example, TP-Link router call this feature “DHCP Address Reservation”. Unfortunately, my router provided by Maxis is a Technicolor TG784n v3 (also commonly known as the Thomson router) which uses a custom interface. None of the settings name make sense to a technical guy like me.

In this guide, I’ll show you on how to set it in the TG784n v3 router.

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How to Disable “Transfer data to SD Card” Notification in Xperia Phones


If you are using an Xperia phone, you might receive the notification above (Transfer data to SD card)when your internal storage is 75% is full. This notification will always show up unless the internal storage is freed up. There is no direct way to disable or turn off this notification. In this guide, I’ll show you how to disable it.

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Access Denied When Attaching SQL Server Database

SQL Server - Access Denied

SQL Server – Access Denied

When you try to attach a SQl Server database (MDF file), you might face this “Access is denied” error. One of the example is the AdventureWorks sample database.

To bypass this error, all you need to do is to launch the SQL Server Management Studio in Administrator mode. The steps:-

SQL Server - Administrator Mode

SQL Server – Administrator Mode

  1. Locate the SQL Server Management Studio shortcut.
  2. Right click on the shortcut and select “Run as administrator”.
  3. You should be able to attach the database now!
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How to Change Keyboard Layout in Windows 8

Recently I installed Windows 8 for my new PC. But for some reason, I only manage to install it with the UK keyboard layout. The UK layout is different from the “standard” layout that I normally use. So, here is a guide on how to add/change keyboard layout in Windows 8.

1. Hover your mouse pointer to the top right corner to bring out the “charm” and select the search charm.

Charm Bar and Search Charm

Charm Bar and Search Charm

2. Type in “Add Language” in the search box. Then select “Settings” on the right. Click the “Add Language” result.

Search add language in the Search Charm

Search add language in the Search Charm

3. Click on the “Options” hyperlink.

Click the Options Hyperlink

Click the Options Hyperlink

4. Click on the “Add an Input Method” hyperlink.

Click "Add an Input Method"

Click “Add an Input Method”

5. Select the keyboard layout that you want and then click “Add”.

Select keyboard layout and click Add

Select keyboard layout and click Add

6. That’s all!

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Windows Slow During Startup

Recently I face an issue with slow startup in Windows. My Windows will stuck at the Windows login for a long time before I can login. After login, my taskbar (the bar at the bottom) is not loading… but the desktop I fully loaded. But when I try to open any folders (e.g. My Computer) it will just hang there or not responding.

After searching high and low, I finally found the cause of the issue. The issue is caused by one of my hard drive that have bad sector! So, to fix this issue, I need to run the disk checker to check for the bad sector and fix it (if possible). Since I can’t open My Computer, I can’t access the disk properties to open the disk checker. I decided to download the Seagate’s SeaTools to find and fix the issue. You can get the bootable SeaTools here. After you’ve created the bootable disc, then you can boot into SeaTools and use it to scan and fix the issue.

* I only use Seagate hard disk. That’s why I use SeaTools.
* I’m using Windows XP SP3.

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